Daniel Platt
Web Developer - Systems Architect


Password Generator

Password Generating website built in Symfony2

Links: github, packagist

Demo: http://passwords.ofdan.com

Ticket Bundle Demo

Example install of the TicketBundle, for testing and debugging purposes.

Links: github, packagist


The place for all your utility meter readings.

Demo: http://www.how-eco.com/


Password Generator Bundle

Integrates Password Generator Library with Symfony2

Links: packagist, github

Ticket Bundle

Bundle provides ticketing functionality for Symfony2 applications. Multilingual capable

Links: packagist, github

Barcode Generator Bundle

Barcode Generator for Symfony2

Links: packagist, github

Bootstrap handler bundle

Wrap Bootstrap v3 and modify Symfony2 form elements

Links: packagist, github


Password Generator Library

PHP Library to generate random passwords

Links: packagist, github

Classes for Bing Ads web services

Split bing classes into individual files and add a composer file

Links: packagist, github


Created by Daniel Platt, Hackzilla.org is a place for his open-source code. Mostly covering Symfony2 apps and bundles, but there are few generic PHP libraries.

You can usually find Daniel at the PHP and Symfony Conferences in London.

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